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      From looking around www I see this is a definite issue many experience. That is the door opens en route and when you stop and get inside your “buffet” is ready on the floor, flown out of the fridge. We’ve been lucky, only fruit drawer so far, the eggs stayed put!

      We have a Dometic compressor fridge on our less than 2 yr old TC. This “automatic” door opening started on last trip in March.

      If you have had this problem and fixed it either with a homemade remedy or something that can be purchased let me know.

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      No one else experiences this, or no one has a solution?

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      I had an older camper that I replaced the ice box with a dorm style 110 volt fridge/freezer. I used refrigerator bars to keep stuff on the shelves. Actually I still use them with my newer camper so stuff doesn’t fall out when I open the door.

      I put screw eyes on either side of the fridge freezer doors and used bungee chord to hold the doors shut while traveling. Worked well for me. I have read where some folks have used Velcro to keep the door shut, but never tried it myself.

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      Hey thanks, all good ideas. The bungee sounds like a fine solution.

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      Ric Miller

      Hi there,

      We had the same problem. We used two solutions.

      1) We got some 2 or 3″ wide self adhesive velcro and placed two straps at the edge of the door.
      2) We placed a bungie diagonally across the door from a furnace vent to the roof lift bracing.

      I can send you a photo if you are interested. Camper is stored across town so next time I am there I can shoot a photo.

      I think the cause of this problem is that when the camper is at a certain configuration, the latch on the fridge does not actually engage. This can also be true if you put a lot of heavy product in the door, such as a bunch of beer.

      We had to take the camper off the truck at one location and camp in it. We found that the change in weight distribution to cause the fridge latch to engage in a very strong and secure way. My suspicion is that it would be possible to shim the fridge that would cause the latch to engage.


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      Hi Ric
      Thanks for reply. Sounds like 2 useful solutions. If you get a chance photo would be great. No hurry, we aren’t exactly going anywhere at the moment!

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      James Young

      Ours does the same. I am not sure what fridge you have but we have a ‘lock’ rotating disc on the top. It works to a degree.

      One thing I did notice was that the door is held in place by metal hinge pins in the fridge frame top and bottom. These pins go into the plastic door frame, a raised plastic discs molded into that plastic frame holds the door up slightly, leaving a gap at the bottom for the door to open.

      This plastic bit molded into the door cracks around the edge, probably under the weight of the door. This plastic bit then bends inside the door frame, the door drops a few millimetres and now the top door catch no longer catches.

      I need to fix mine, replacing the plastic disc with a metal strip with a hole drilled in it, screwed to the bottom edge of the fridge door. Should be stronger and be able to take the weight of the door.

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      Thanks for reply. We seemed to have solved the swinging door problem. First tried a single bungee. That did not work! It was tight but it jumped out of the eye bolt! A second bungee crossing the first and pressing it in made it tighter against the fridge and didn’t leave room in the eye bolt to wiggle out.

      Not beautiful, but the bungees are only on when driving. If it works fine.

      Seems these RV companies don’t make equipment that can be put to the use it is such as off road driving (more on this in a new forum post soon as a reply to the great recent interview on TCAdventure with the RV mechanic)

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