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      Tom MacCallum

      Of course, when we’re getting set to head out for Alaska, the fridge starts give us trouble.
      It’s a Domestic 2652 and has been mostly trouble free since we’ve owned the camper. I had to replace the exhaust fan last year. It’s 9 yo. We are currently in Kalispell, MT. Cool temps .
      It isn’t cooling. It has propane to the burner. I can hear the burner operating. The flue is fairly hot. The coils are cool. Although, they are starting to slightly warm up. I haven’t checked the flame yet. The exhaust fan kicks on every 5 minutes or so and runs for 75 seconds. When we were plugged in last nite, the fan did not run as often.
      I don’t know if this has anything to do with our issue, but we ran it completely out of propane before I could switch tanks. It seemed to start up correctly, but neather one of us checked the temp gauge we hang in the fridge. It was three days later when my wife said “the fridge is 52*”
      Any suggestions on where to go from here would be greatly appreciated.

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      Joel Gambino

      First thing to check would be the burner. There are plenty of how-to’s on the web on how to do this. Given that it ran out of propane, perhaps some crud got in there. Cleaning the burner is good general maintenance anyway.

      Have you been reasonably level? Those refrigerators need to be reasonably level to operate properly.

      Do you have an AC (110 volt) burner as well? If so, see if it works on 110. If it does, than that points to the propane burner. If not, it might be some other problem.

      Good luck,

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