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      I’ve read the BigWig review Mike wrote, and the article by Jefe irt sway bars. Both state the recommendation to disconnect one end of the sway bar when venturing away from pavement and/or graded dirt onto more primitive roads.

      We have yet to try this, but recent experience is making us reconsider. Going over uneven rock ledges does induce a substantial side-to-side movement and to avoid most of this movement requires extremely slow — practically crawling — speed. Would disconnecting one end of the sway bar reduce this issue? Or is there some other benefit?

      Bryan & Susan

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      Alex Blasingame

      Dis-connecting the rear anti-sway will allow more axle movement and a little better off road experience. There are other items to consider as well like if you have air bags, tire pressure etc.

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      No air bags, BigWig sway bar in the rear, SuperSprings to add about 2,000 lb, RS9000 shocks, and 40# all around. The side to side going over some of the small ledges was pretty sharp and substantial. Our highway ride is great, but off-road needs work. Seems like the sway bar might be the place to start. OK, thanks for the response.

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