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      I have been full time in a Northstar 950 for the last 6 months. The weather in northern CA has been foggy / rainy for the last few weeks. Any suggestions on how to reduce the humidity inside the camper? I would go somewhere dryer, but my job keeps me here for at least the next few months.

      Thanks in advance for any suggestions.


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      Mello Mike

      Are you keeping a vent or window cracked? This should help with the humidity quite a bit.

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      Yes, I keep the access door under the fridge open, the side window is open to the first locking point, and the fantastic fan cover is open just a little bit.

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      Probably need a little more opening in the fantastic fan outlet. As an experienced camper from the rainforests of B.C. 🙂 we experience this all the time. The more you can open a top vent, the less humidity you will suffer. Cheers

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      James Young

      Humidity or condensation? For condensation, sometimes it’s the dreaded balance of vent/window opening amount and how much cold you are letting in. Bigger duvet, more vent opening! I have found that ‘cracking’ windows or a vent is not enough to reduce condensation. I fear you may be in a losing battle trying to reduce humidity from the levels outside.

      2007 Dodge 3500
      [5.9 Cummins, Stick Shift] + [XPCamper V1E]

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