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      IMO, the top dogs on the web are Truck Camper Magazine and Truck Camper Adventure. Between the two sites the subject is covered. TCM just released an informative article on Bigfoots construction process. There is no question that Grants philosophy regarding the construction of truck campers is one that is truly appreciated by old school consumers like myself. Take a minute and read the article, it’s well worth your time. We as consumers can only benefit from the competition that is alive and well between the only two clam shell builders of truck campers. Bigfoot and Northern Lights both produce a quality product with a different design than the standard wood or aluminum framed walls that mirror stick built homes that most of us live in. The choice remains in the consumers hand as it should be. God Bless competition and choice, these two adjectives are among the top few reasons why America is great.

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      Mello Mike

      Thanks, Doug. We appreciate your kind words. Competition is always a good thing. Whether is truck camper companies or web magazines, it keeps everyone on their toes.

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