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      Kyle Banerjee

      I have a Zamp port on the side of my camper which goes through an adapter to an MC4 extension cable to my solar panel.

      It seems like both the Zamp port and the plug into it are getting torqued by the weight of the wire. It’s not that heavy, but the connection isn’t that secure either.

      Everything works great. However, I don’t like stressing cables or connections and was wondering what other people are doing. I could just tape the extension cable to the wall of the camper when I’m using it to relieve the pressure, but I’m wondering if there isn’t a slicker solution.

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      Perhaps the 3M “Command Cord Bundler”? Easy to stick on when you get where you’re going and it will easily support your cord and take the weight off the port. Easily-removable and the ‘stick’um’ tabs are cheap. Won’t leave a mark on your camper. (Only works on smooth surfaces.) Might even hang on at highway speeds if in a sheltered spot? I’ve got the same setup as you (i.e., Zamp and port) but hadn’t considered the issue. Perhaps I should!


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