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      John S


      My problem is that the pressure from spickets 50′ away from my rig’s wet compartment is too low to allow my water filtration system to function. My system is set up for South America, so it’s got 3 housings to hold standard 2.5 x 10 filters, which are all BEFORE the house 32 gallon water tank. My house pump isn’t used in filling my tank, but it’s a Shurflo 4008-101-A65, 55PSI, 3GPM 12 volt model.

      If the pressure measured at the rig is about 28-30 coming from the spicket source 50′ feet away, how can I augment that? I need at least 40PSI to push the water though my filtration system.

      I looked at a couple little 1 GPM pumps by Shurflo and Flojet that I thought I could use in-line somehow, but they max out at 30PSI.

      If I buy another pump like my house pump, can I mount it in the wet compartment? It would be intaking about 28PSI and increasing that to my 40-50 PSI flow regulator’s capacity, I assume?

      Since there is pressure from the source, I don’t have to put the pump at the spicket do I?

      As a final thought, I have a little Milescraft 1314 drill pump, but it’s not rated for potable water. Plus, my throughput on my filtration system is about 2GPM, so I’d be drill pumping for 15 minutes, which isn’t great.

      Thoughts on how to get my pressure up?


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      2Z Bundok

      The pressure (psi) on any water system should be equal if measured at the same elevation. With 50 feet of hose the flow (gpm) may be affected.
      Possibly some plumbing addition with valves would allow your house pump to fill the storage tank through the filters?

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      John S

      I’m installing a Shurflo 4008 12v 3GPM 55psi pump to boost the weak incoming pressure from the source spicket.

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