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      I have a 2016 Cirrus and some of the seals are looking sad. Re sealing is not a problem but with the virus here in NY I want to get all the sealer I will need to avoid having to go and get more caulk as the nearest place to purchase is almost 2 hs. away. How many tubes should I buy?
      Thanks Steve

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      Dumb Mick


      Sorry, couldn’t resist.

      I can’t really help you on quantity but I’m pretty savvy on caulking for houses and industrial uses. Just because what you see ‘looks’ questionable I highly doubt that a reputable outfit like Cirrus would use a caulk that would only last 4 years. I would also lay money that it is in good shape where it needs to be which is where you can’t see it.

      I know we’re all bored but don’t go making unnecessary work for yourself –
      you’ll give layabouts like me a bad name! ?

      It’s good to be a n00b - so I can aspire to be just stoopid.

      Monrovia, CA

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