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      David Casterson

      Does anyone use a catylitic heater, either with a forced air furnace or alone? We don’t camp when it is much below 30’, and don’t like the noise and energy use of forced air. Do catylitic heaters need to face the area you want to heat? Also, I think I read about a thermostatically controlled catalytic heater. Is there such a thing?

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      Mello Mike

      Cat heaters are pretty powerful. They do have to be aimed toward the area you want to heat but they do a great job of heating a small camper. Much more efficient than a standard furnace heater that can use a lot of battery power. I’m not aware of a thermostat controlled Cat heater.

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      There has been some discussion about the efficiency of a vented catalytic heater, the “plat cat” (http://www.ventedcatheater.com) as compared to typical wave 3, wave 6 catalytic heaters. This heater does have a thermostat.

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