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      Hello, im hoping some one might have a suggestion or answer or delt with a similar situation before.

      I have a okanagan cab over camper that was damage in an accident. they other drivers insurance paid out and i bought it back. i have repaired it and you can not tell it was ever damaged. they insurance told me they “might” put a salvage title on it. I live in California and in California cab over campers are not registered so don’t have registration or titles with DMV.

      my question is how can there be a salvage title on something that doesn’t have a title. and is there an insurance company that will insure it if it does some how have a salvage title?

      I asked the insurance that paid out and they had no idea just said to wait and see what happens. My attorney said the same thing.my insurance had no idea but told me if it gets a salvage title they will no longer insure it. and DMV had no idea because they have no record of the Vin because they don’t register campers.

      Thank you in advance

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      Tom, what was your outcome?

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      Alex Blasingame

      There no salvage title for TC in California since TC’s are under the Dept. of Housing in California not the DMV in California. So it’s up to you about disclosure if you sell it.

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      Just an updated. when i went to renew the registration on the truck this year DMV told me they were notified by the insurance the truck should have a salvage title. So i had to go thru the inspections for it to get a new title issued. The insurance renewed the Policy so i believe the do not consider it a salvage.

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      Phil Patterson

      Lots of conflicting opining about Truck Campers in California… In California as in many other States (also, can vary by insurer), truck campers are considered in-bed ‘cargo’ rather than a RV, and IMO this issue should have never been brought to the attention of your friendly DMV folks – One might recall the age old adage “Be careful what you ask for because you might just get it” – lol

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