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      I live in Arizona and it gets hot in the summer. I am renting out a space in friend’s backyard to store my 2005 Lance 920 uncovered. When I purchased this camper, the previous owner said he had covered camper tightly and the excessive heat with it covered caused front of camper to bubble up, and ultimately the dealer/Lance replaced it and told him he needs to use ‘breathable’ cover or store in garage.

      I don’t have option to store in covered area. If I had my own place, I’d buy a covered shelter type thing to give it shade. But I can’t do that in my friend’s backyard.

      Many truck camper covers are waterproof and I’m thinking more meant for cold winter storage. Those won’t breath and I think won’t do well in AZ heat. I’m thinking I need one more breathable and ok if water gets through.

      What’s recommended for covers in hot climates like Arizona? I was gonna buy an 8ft wide shade cloth meant for privacy fencing and just cover front, top, and back with it. But the sides won’t be covered. Looked into buying a cover fitted to truck camper but don’t want to get the wrong type.

      Recommendations from those experienced with covering outdoors in hot weather?

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      Breathable covers are available on the Internet.

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