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      Kenn Engstrom

      We picked up a very clean, lightly used, well cared for 2003 Lance lite 845 in 2017. It was a trade in at a dealership, with everything working as advertised during our walk around. Up to now, we never used the furnace, but it fired up a few months back when I ran through a function check prior to a trip. Last weekend it failed to light and I found a blown 10 amp fuse. I have some basic (albeit rusty) electrical/mechanical skills, and still feeling like a rookie in truck camper world, I did a quick search online looking for any input.

      I found mud dabber speculations, mouse nest theory and one comment in which 3rd hand info from ”tech services” via an undisclosed dealership said the fan motor needed 10.2 amps to power up on a cold day…and to install a 15 amp fuse (not a solution learned in my training).

      I have not yet dug into diagnosing the problem, but I’m wondering how common of an issue mud dabbers and mouse nests might be? My first thought is that (once corrected) it may simply need to used it more frequently.

      Trying to build some expectations…any input greatly appreciated…


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      Mello Mike

      Mud Daubers? It really depends on where you live. Do you live in Texas or in the South? If you do, it’s a pretty common problem. You can buy a special RV screens for your furnace on Amazon.com or at your local RV parts store.

      Mud Dauber RV Screens

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      Kenn Engstrom

      Opps, yes I meant Mud Daubers…and we live in Port Angeles, WA…they are around, not as many as paper wasps, but I’ll look into the screens, thanks Mike!

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