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      I’m new to this forum, so apologies if this has been already discussed thoroughly.

      What is the best tire sealant to fix a offroad or highway flat tire using a portable air compressor?

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      Harvey Shaw

      I don’t know about sealant but I used a Slime tire plug kit and the fix lasted >10,000 miles until I changed the tire.

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      The very best on vehicle tire repair kit is the Safety Seal kit.
      You don’t even have to remove the wheel, just jack it off the ground.
      It comes with 50 plugs and a variety of heavy duty tools and applicators.
      It’s the adhesive on the ‘caterpillar cord’ that makes the Safety Seal work. I’ve used up to 17 plugs in a 3 inch torn sidewall on a brand new tire, and it held air for a couple days until we could get back to civilization and replace the tire.
      I have a kit in each of our 4, 4WD’s, and both a high bucks, high duty cycle, high volume 12v compressor and a 30 pound CO2 tank with the freeze proof hardware and hoses at the ready, depending on the need. These are left over from my hard core jeeping days and we use the same self help technique with the TC.

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