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      Coly Hope

      I am traveling from Colorado to Delaware next month but have to make a stop in Loveland first. From Loveland I was thinking of taking I-76 to I-80 and travelling across Nebraska and Iowa and then when I got to the Iowa-Illinois border take I-74 to Indianapolis and pick up I-70 from there. The reason I would go this route is because I have never taken this route before. Which interstate highway that travels across the country has better roads?


      I am asking about the other two interstates for future travel.

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      We haven’t been on 90, but in regards to the others I don’t think there is much difference. Driving through the midwest always bores us to tears no matter how we do it. This time of year we hate tornado alley anywhere!

      We went to air show at Oshkosh last year and there was a lot of construction on 74 and always seems to be at Indianapolis.


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