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      bill delorey

      2008 Lance 845 … can anyone tell me if all or at least this Lance can charge AGM sealed battery. I hear some mixed comments on the ability to charge AGM successfully with a standard RV charger, and it needs a three stage charger in order to maintain the battery with out damage from charging

      I’m replacing my old battery with a new one – and am not sure myself about the charging technology from 2008 Lance will work properly.

      I also am debating between a SLA battery and a AGM battery as part of this change. We no longer boondock as much as in the past, but still do it enough to want dependable power if we go out for a week or so with no hookups.

      If you can recommend a brand as well, that would be great… We’re thinking an Interstate SLA at the moment, but are open to quality above price within reason. We do not want to go Lithium at this point.

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      John Vansant

      First a disclaimer; I’m not a battery expert.

      What I can tell you is that I use AGM’s in just about everything – from my 1950’s tractor, to my Bigfoot truck camper, all of which originally used lead acid batteries. In my experience, AGM’s do work well as a direct replacement for traditional lead acid batteries, while providing a greatly increased service life.

      Again I’m no battery expert, just sharing my experience.

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      Joel Gambino

      This article might offer a little help:

      Review of the Progressive Dynamics 4645V RV Converter-Charger

      If you are not going with Lithium, you might just want to stick with a true deep cycle flooded. As I understand, SLA and AGM have no way to add electrolyte if they are overcharged. But your best bet is probably going with a better converter/charger (like the Progressive Dynamics). The chargers that come in most truck campers are notoriously slow and may overcharge if left on for long periods of time.

      If you store your camper outside, a solar panel and good solar charger is an option.

      Hopefully others with experience with SLA and AGM will chime in.


Viewing 2 reply threads
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