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      We read about a truck camper roll-over accident in another forum recently and it restarted a topic we have talked about off and on for a while…

      If we had a major accident, is all that stuff in the back seat going to mash us into tomato paste in the front seat? We have a 4-door Ram 3500 and that back seat is our major storage area for cargo. We containerize it all, but there’s a heck of a lot of stuff back there.

      The discussion on the other forum led us to look at options to protect us and we settled on the barrier net system from Raingler.com as the most efficient/effective. I installed it today and it looks just like the photo on the Raingler web site. It took about two hours to install and I only lost a little bit of blood this time. Anyway, I think it will be effective enough that if anything gets through it, the accident has escalated to the point that having a net won’t matter!

      Something to think about. I know I’ve read about folks carrying 2kw generators back there and a host of other ‘necessities’, but I rarely see anyone with any kind of barrier system. It’s a low-cost insurance without a major modification of your truck.

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      Mello Mike

      Bryan, do you have a pic of the installed barrier?

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      Just got back today from Great Basin Nat’l Park – which was really, really nice. Nice weather, nice campground(s), nice scenery, nice everything. And the night sky when there is no moon is unbelievable. The last few days was the Park’s annual Astronomy Festival, which was fun and you get to look through the most sophisticated amateur telescopes you can imagine.

      No picture of the install, but not needed actually. Just have a look at the pic on their website for the barrier net we bought: https://raingler.com/products/2010-2018-ram-2500-3500-4500-5500-quad-crew-and-mega-cab-barrier-divider

      That’s exactly what it looks like. And after our first trip with it, we remain very positive about having installed it. The openings in the net are just large enough to reach back through it for small items. If you’re going to need something larger you either stash it right behind the center fold-down console or up front ahead of time.

      Last note, if you need to take it off for “normal” passenger use, it’s easy to do. The net packs down small enough to stash behind the rear seat and the only visible hardware remaining are the two half-moon clips up near the roof.

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