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      Hi all

      Is anyone using the Xantrex 817-2080 Freedom XC 2000, 2000 Watt Pure Sine Wave 12 Volt Inverter/Charger?

      How is it, generally? Likes? Dislikes?

      It would be going into a new Hallmark Pop up truck camper.

      I know that under heavy loads that the fans can turn on…

      but under normal [light] loads (fridge running, solar panels in the sun) are the fans on?

      and does it have any hum (acoustically) under light or heavy loads?

      and are the fans 1 speed (on / off) or do they have different levels?

      do the fans ramp up and down, or just switch on?

      I don’t like fan noise, or acoustic hum…. thus the questions.



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      Bump to my old thread – anyone have any info?

      thanks. 🙂

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