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      John Perz

      In various RV forums around the web, I keep running into the advice that everyone should join their “brand specific” forum. In other words, if you have a Lance camper, you should belong to the Lance Owner’s Forum as well as the ‘generic’ RV forums.

      I haven’t been able to find any such forum for Alaskan campers. There’s a sub-forum devoted to Alaskan’s on the Wander The West site, but that’s about it. Anybody know of other Alaskan forums or clubs? Thanks.

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      shellie barnes

      John i spent all last summer traveling from Michigan up to and back to Alaska with my 2014 f150, Palomino SS550 and pulling a loaded 12 enclosed motorcycle trailer. Great adventure. For alotta posts and info on anything Alaska I recommend going on line to Truck Camper Magazine.

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