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      Mike…enjoyed reading your article and review of Alaskan Campers. There are MANY things to like about the Alaskan, primary among them the hard side and the well-appointed comfortable interior! However, I find it surprising they don’t offer a full wet bath (with inside shower) since they offer the cassette toilet enclosure…wouldn’t be that difficult to include a shower. (yes, they offer the outside shower) It’s also surprising (even environmentally disappointing/unconscious) that a gray tank is not standard. That’s right…it encourages you to dump your gray water on the ground. I was in touch with them some time ago re this issue and they said they could add a gray tank if requested. But still…poor construction policy. I can’t remember if they said they could include an inside shower…probably.

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      Mello Mike

      Grey tanks in pop-up campers really aren’t that common. In fact, Four Wheel Campers doesn’t even offer it as an option.

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      I would love a alaskan camper, but would have to get a divorce firstl!! No head/shower,no sale.

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      John Perz

      This whole thread raises some interesting points about the difference between camper/camping and RV/RVing.

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      I Agree

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      Making Trax

      We own an older model Alaskan camper (2003-4) and we enjoy having the indoor Thetford cassette toilet – a real plus at night. The cassette offers the convenience of dumping at a pit toilet when a dumping station is not available. We have an outdoor shower with hot water and use a pop-up Rhino tent for privacy. We have not been put off that the shower is outside and have found it handy for rinsing off on hot days before heading inside.

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Viewing 5 reply threads
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