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      I have a 2017 F350 Fx4 DRW that is eating front tires. I am almost ready to replace my second set (BFG AT KO2) at 39K. I have talked to both of dealers near me, neither are able to resolve the issue.

      The truck is completely stock, and has the camper, tow, and 5th wheel packages. Payload on the sticker is 5310, with a Northstar 950sc (2400 wet) on full time.

      I am hoping that someone will have a workaround or solution.


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      Jim, I had the same fast tire wear on my RAM 2500 front axle. Come to find out the so-called ‘expert’ toe in job i had done was way, way too toed in. So, I found an actual guru of alignment who did the trick. The Dana 60 front axle should be at approaching zero toe in: 2/32nd of an inch. I would take the truck to a true alignment guru, which is hard to find, to see what is happening. Explain what load you carry and how you use the truck, because this all makes a difference. I think Geno’s Garage has a chart for different axles.

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      I agree with jefe4x4 and since the camper is onboard full time, I would get the alignment done loaded as you travel. I have found you can not even take balancing for granted.


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      Any good news? I had a heck of a time getting an alignment shop to work on my 6.4L Ford, instead of just looking at the alignment. So, I asked for before/after computer printouts. I even bought a 0 degree bushing and handed it to them in case we needed to recalc the correct bushing. I was a pain in the butt. No doubt about it. I was nice but I wanted the problem fixed. I got a good alignment done.

      You did not say what the wear pattern was. Just general tire wear? I had a camber issue on the driver side and it was obvious in the tire wear. Lots of shops have machines telling them they are “in spec” and you need to look at the printouts for actual measurements.

      Best of luck. -d

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      Sorry, I just logged in and saw this. Fatboyx, I believe it was camber. The outside edges of the front tires were down into the wear bars, the inside edge was almost untouched. When I replaced the front tires last time, I had them done at Big-O, as well as the alignment. I have 25k+ miles on them with no issues so far.

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