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      Michael Harris

      Hello Mike, been a while since we talked. I wrote the review of the 80RB. I finally outgrew it but I know I’m going to miss it. When I had it I had decided to buy a 2016 Ram 3500 long bed and that truck never knew the camper was on it’s back. I’m taking delivery of my 2018 89RB on Saturday and I’m almost positive I’ll have plenty of truck. My loading sticker, the one that talks about the tires says cargo including passengers should not exceed 4318 pounds. My camper with options, the weight in the cabinet that ALPS actually weighs says 2,800 pounds with included options. I have the actual weight of my truck, 7,700 pounds, and my camper at 2,800 dry equals 10,800. My GVWR is 12,300. If I’m doing the math correctly then that leaves me 1,500 pounds to spare. In your opinion, since I’m under all the numbers posted on the door and the slide in camper label in the glove box I should be OK correct? I was a bit a worry nerd with the 80RB so I went from a 2500 to a 3500 and I know I didn’t need to do that for that camper. With the new 89RB it seems I should be OK. What are your thoughts?

      Michael Harris

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      Mello Mike

      Hi Michael. Good to hear from you. Yes, it looks like you’ll be more than fine based upon the numbers you presented. Send me pics when you get it. I’d love to see it.


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