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      Paul Fetter

      I have a 2024 silverado 3500 gas, with a 2024 Palomino HS750. I really like the combo. My question is: 1. I also have a 14 ft v nose cargo trailer that i converted to a toy hauler, i use it to carry motorcycles. I can also camp in it as it has a kitchen and a shower. When empty without water or motorcycles the tongue weight is 330 lbs, when i put motorcycles in the tongue weight is 450 lbs. i carry 20 gals of water (4 5 gal containers), which could be carried in the nose or in the back. The camper fits with just tailgate down and the tailgate is about 5″ past the back of camper. I figure a 18″ extension would be long enough to be able to tow trailer. Most hitch extensions i find had a tongue weight limit of 350 or 400 lbs. Do the experienced here think i could just use the extension or should i also get a weight dist hitch or some other type of hitch. I used the torque flight tie downs from e trailer for the camper with happi jacks. Thanks for your help.

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      I purchased a 34″ Curt Extension that I shortened by 10″. At that length it is rated for 6000lb trailer and a 600# tongue weight.


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      Phil Patterson

      I’m running a longer 40” extension (2.5”) with a 14’ V-nose (for a Polaris 1000 RZR) and 550# tongue weight, this with three 7gal water jugs plus a 10gal gas tank in the rear of the trailer, mostly as ballast to help with CG…Tows very well…

      I looked into a WD type hitch but found that they are designed to level out the rear sag rather than to increase tongue weight…

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