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My questions involve converting lithium batteries;

* By storing lithium batteries in an un heated exterior compartment, while using and storing the camper in below freezing temperatures, wouldn’t any strategies needed to protect lithium batteries in below freezing temperatures battery, negate the positive aspects of changing to lithium batteries ?

* In converting from AGM to lithium, would it be necessary to replace the existing battery charging apparatus if it was originally designed only for lead acid/AGM charging.

* Also, this camper is mounted on a SRW truck, and although under GVW, weight reduction offers some value. What type of weight savings can lithium batteries offer?

Any commenters, thanks in advance !

Johnny V.

for storage if the temp is below freezing and your storing for a long period of time it is best to bring LiFePO4 batteries inside the house or heated garage. short period they are good to -35C as a minimum you want to have a total disconnect installed so you can isolate them from every power source or draw. if you bring them in fortunalty they are a lot lighter than regular batteries, I have a 300AH battery and it is 50lbs.

it is not necessary to convert but it is beneficial if you want to use the full capacity. for your house you just need to change the converter section of your power panel to one thats Li compatible. I wouldn’t worry about a dc to dc charger unless you feel you need one. (you have the solar charging while you are driving and the genny for emergency)just unplug the fuse that feeds power through your wiring harness as it really isn’t doing you any good anyways unless you have upgraded the wire size

weight savings like I mentions my 300AH battery is 50lbs and it replaced two GC2 batteries that gave me 100 usable AH that weighed close to 150lbs so in my case I nocked 100lbs off my weight and got 3x the capacity