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John Vansant

Thanks for your input Phil, this is useful information!

Again, without access to shore power, it doesn’t seem practical to use the lithium batteries own stored energy to protect itself, and or to bring it up to temperature in order to allow for safe charging. And, with your batteries being stowed under the dinette, in reality you’re using the fantastically cheap and concentrated energy stored in propane, to keep your batteries warm.

Also, from my perspective, although the word is that lithium batteries are lighter, in my opinion, there is HUGE convenience factor associated with having coach batteries located in an easily accessible exterior compartment

I mean, maybe I’m off base here, but with all of these factors at play, it doesn’t seem as if with currently available lithium battery technology, it’s a practical proposition for lithium batteries to be used for coach batteries, off grid, for extended periods in cold weather – primarily because of the additional energy needed to keep them warm