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Joel Gambino

Thanks for the input Alex. I will incorporate these topics into the updated presentation. I’ll work on covering these in depth, but in the meantime here are brief answers:

2 meters is VHF and therefore “line of sight”. Depending on terrain, count on 5-10 miles radio to radio (simplex), or up to 100 miles when working through a good repeater. 2 meters is a good way to communicate when you are traveling with a group. And if you find an active repeater at home, it’s a good way to make friends on the air. In contrast, longer wavelength communications (High Frequency or HF) propagate much longer distances by bouncing off the earth’s Ionosphere. Therefore HF can provide a more reliable method of reaching the outside world when you are far from cell towers and 2 meter repeaters. One downside is that the antennas required can be more elaborate than those for 2 meters.

As far as setup, it’s similar to a CB. You need a radio, power supply and antenna. For a mobile, the power comes from the truck. You’ll need an antenna made for whatever band you are using, say 2 meters. And you will need to run coax from the antenna to the radio.