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Alex Blasingame

Tickets have been purchased, routes and reservations have been made for our first TCA Rally. Is there a place or link to TCA Rally 101 for first timers? Is there a map of the general area, where will the HOST campers be? What’s the best time of day to arrive? Can you arrive a day or two early? What are the best practices for four days of dry camping without solar? Any and all suggestions and recommendations accepted. Thank you.

In general the site is divided into two section overall, one for the campers running off solar. These are usually camped out south of the check in tent. The middle section is the vendors area and to the north of the of the vendor area are the rig that need to use generators or their truck to recharge their house batteries.

It’s BLM so you can come early and stay late but check in won’t start till Feb. 14, 2024 at high noon. Here a link that shows a map of the rally location….Rally. There a link to a drop down window for the map.
Other than solar, non solar and vendors area sides like rigs usually just group up, there are no assigned brand grouping of rigs. Mike usually posts more information as the time gets closer. The “Rally” link will also show speaker that Mike looking for and if you can fill any of those open spots let Mike know.
I have worked the last 4 rally and all of them have been great, a lot of interaction of sharing ideas, adventures and projects!