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Hello fellow truckers! We have now put overnight trip #3 in the record books – I switched out plans to make this camper dedicated to the Humvee – however, I did modify the floor to fit the humvee and can without a doubt slip it in there too. The 2008 GMC 2500 has been doing great We’ve taken it to a couple of fairly local places- the highlight possibly is seeing the July 4 car launch at Glacier View. Yesterday we wrapped up about a 300 mile round trip to Hope, Alaksa.

The solar is working excellent – the addition of the large ACM rolls 275 amp hour 6 volt batteries hurt the wallet but are kicking butt. 400 watts on the roof and an oversized charged controller make it nice. I’m not running an a/c inverter yet. We did the 12 volt tv/DVD player and LOVE it. I also did the twin roof fans so pulling in and pushing out moves nice air – the batteries keep up like a champ and we are really able to sit and be comfortable in silence.

The lack of a gray tank is troubling – it just dumps out a cap on the side (1970 oringinal plumbing) – there is no easy room in the cabinets to re-route a line much less room for a gray tank. I’ve been hanging a bucket on the side and dumping as needed (dish, hand washing water). Said bucket could be a bear attractor with food from dish washing – but we will continue to plot this through.

The portable potty is okay – gets the job done. Many places here have outdoor bathrooms around the parks that I can dump it or a station – but thus far we just get home and dump that.

The Chinese diesel heater has been incredible – heats it up sooo fast. I went to to the next level on heat shielding on the exhaust and feel okay about letting it run wile we sleep. I have gas and CO and fire detector all running for safety. I’ve tested and tested it – and am convinced it is as safe as it is going to be for regular use.

The stove top has been a journey. I had to build up aluminum back splashing to avoid melting the camper down and recently built in an aluminum plate into the hood to protect the light and fan (that I installed) from cooking heat.

There is no hot water – we have to boil a pot. There is really no room for a hot water heater. I see there are portable ones I might set up using the outdoor shower to hook it in – and maybe an outdoor shower tent attached to the camper to make that go. This last outing would have been awesome to take a quick shower. Bug spray and sweat is not as well tamed with a hot wash cloth sink bath.

The power steering gear is leaking slowly on the GMC – I’ve ordered a new one and that is the next mechanical thing as well as the cruise control won’t engage. All DTCs are cleared so I’m sure the switch is bad (one on the way).

So far 10 MPG is what we get hills or no hills.

Summer is going away FAST in AK – so wanting to work out bugs before I have to park it.

Overall – it is the best $500 I ever spent (although many many more $500 since…..) I’m glad I went gas on the truck – more weight capacity and cheaper easier to find fuel for the most part. However, at 200 miles into a journey we are on the serious hunt for re-fueling.

The videos I made in order below: