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Phil Patterson

Update, after a post QZite Rally trip to the scales (14.5k fully loaded w/o passengers…), a kinda inflection point began to develop in our minds surrounding GVWR, future travel plans, ongoing depreciation vs rising truck cost (and in view of a dang inside rear dually blowout on Christmas Day – ugg!…). So after much to-and-fro consideration, we opted to order a 23 Ram 5500 CC, 60” (C2A), 6.7, 4×4, 4.44, 19.5k GVWR, along with a CM truckbed skirted 9’- 4” bed (model SKRD)…

What helped push us over the finish line was that the 5500 is roughly about the same cost as a comparably equipped 3500 DRW (not counting the added CM flatbed)…So in the end, having a whole lot more storage and many more travel miles still ahead helped to seal the deal!

Many Thanks to Jared at StableCamper for his sage expertise on bed and camper fitment!!