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Phil Patterson

Thanks Jeffe, for your sage advice, and sorry for my belated response. It was great seeing you guys again at QZ, and that’s truly a very sharp rig you’ve got as well!!

Kevin, after doing a bunch of deep contemplation, and after talking with a few fellow late model Cummings folks at the QZ rally, I’m now planning on sticking with diesel…

My previous 07.5 first gen 6.7 was uber solid, except for the Dodge spec’d emissions
add-ons, so lots of issues (most under warranty) – however, in spite of these several first year 6.7 beta maladies (turbo’s, DPF, CEL’s), the truck was truly amazing…So in 16 I traded in for another 6.7 3500 DRW,CC, 4×4, however, this time (somewhat reluctantly) with DEF…

Now at 7yrs and 84k miles, I’ve yet to have even a single CEL or shop issue as it appears that the bulk of the NOx emissions is now done chemically in the exhaust track – this post-beta update has proved a far better strategy and so far a VERY reliable truck 🙂 !!… I haul a 2009 single-slide Eagle Cap 995 (60g water, two 30# LPG, heavily optioned), can exceed 5k lbs… The truck hauls it effortlessly, hills, towing or not (occasionally towing a 4,500 UTV trailer) – Even when FULLY loaded for bear (ugg!) I’m a bit over the 14k GVWR (although honestly, due to the DRW this has never once been even slightly perceptible!)…

Still, a Great truck with no complaints, but after seeing a whole bunch of interesting rigs at QZ, I’m now considering for my last and ‘final truck’ a new chassis cab 5500 6.7, with a flatbed and storage side boxes – My hope, and longevity willing is that this would be the rig to see me through to the last of my camping days – lol!

Hope this helps,