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So – I’m pivoting a little bit – Picked up a way too high mile 2008 GMC 2500 4×4 this weekend (same color as the camper) and am now working to make the project multiple means of transport. I made an update video of where we were by this last weekend – already made big changes since this….I’ve got stupid hours of video to go through and edit to show how I did the roof, walls – etc – I’m ordering some more aluminum today to be broken on a 90 degree to slip up in the under area. Normally you do this first – then overlap, but I want to be able to drop this down for other service work going forward so I’m doing it backwards and putting my faith in sealant at the lips. So now I’ll be focusing efforts to the GMC as I wrap this up. We are getting very excited about getting this out for an overnighter soon.