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I’m as excited as you are.

I saw another dude who converted a Humvee military with an overlander camper.

And met in California someone who made a ex-military Volvo into bad-ass truck camper.

Your Alasa adventure will be cool to track and follow.

Best wishes to you.

Thank you! Hopefully so. I’m picking up the drip molding and other molding this afternoon and doing the final prep to install the roofing membrane. I “think” it is all going to go much faster from here – dozens of smaller projects instead of these massive things. The last bit will be doing the fitting to the truck – I bought a military trailer that I’m going to modify to drop the camper in to make it mobile about the yard, and possibly even tow it in that if needed so I can keep my Humvee four door. We will see – lots of plans.