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When its really cold out we leave ours running while driving to keep the pipes from freezing. I had no issues, even at highway speeds.

Ditto. Also, while traveling hot summer days in the Deep South or Southwest if I’m not stopping until bedtime I’ll run the AC for an hour or so to cool down the mattress so I don’t have to sweat on it for a couple hours until it cools down. Once the mattress gets hot it’ll hold that heat for hours.

2017 Arctic Fox 1150 Dry Bath, 510 watts Solar, 300 Ah lithium battery, 2000 watt MPPT inverter, A/C, propane genset, various cabinet mods. Previous 2007 Arctic Fox 990 and 5vr.

2007 Dodge 3500 4x4 5.9 Cummins dually.