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Yes, I was responding to the OP who said they would be hauling a relatively light Scout Kenai. 4.3 gears would be better for heavier campers, though if I was running a diesel I’d still go with a 3.73.

I’m ordering a F350 Dually with the 7.3l gas engine. I’ll be carrying an Adventurer 901SB with a dry weight of about 3300 lbs. I don’t plan on towing anything.

I’m getting mixed directions on the 3.73 vs 4.30 in various forums. The salesman recommended the 3.73, but I’m not sure he understands what I’m doing with the truck. (hauling vs towing).

Is the mpg that much better with the 3.73 when the camper is loaded? Otherwise, I don’t see the advantage of the 3.73 over the 4.30. This truck won’t be much of a grocery getter, it’s almost exclusively for the TC. (90% of the time it will be loaded).