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Kevin MacAfee

I appreciate the info.

At the moment, wind speed and gustiness are my biggest concerns — do you think taking I-70 would mitigate either of these or is it not going to be materially different than I-80?

One route that intrigues me is taking 40 just outside of Denver to Salt Lake city since snow doesn’t look like it will be a factor when I’m passing through on the 27th. Though I’ll also be passing through late which makes taking 70 to Green River and refueling so I have enough to get the rest of the way in the safer move.

I’ve driven both 80 and 70 east/west multiple times between Minnesota and the west. 80 always seems windy, sometimes excessively so. 70 has its own challenges, namely transiting through Denver. The traffic between Denver and Grand Junction can be heavy on weekends as everyone is heading west to ski/mountain bike etc or east to head home. As an alternative, I usually take 80 to Laramie and then drop south towards Steamboat and get on 70 at Walcott, avoiding Denver entirely. However, in winter, this can get a lot of snow so one has to watch road conditions. I tend to prefer back roads anyway and being retired, don’t have to be anywhere at specific times but this route adds about an hour to my trip.

Hope that helps.