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We’ve made the trip between Omaha and Ogden about 20 times or more since 2016 in all seasons. Most of the trips were over I-80 but we have done I-70 a few times and I-90 once. Yes, I-80 is windy and the visibility can unpredictably drop to zero and the Cattle Drivers, drive with God riding shotgun but I-70 has it’s own issues. There is getting through Denver traffic, wind, snow and the climb out of Denver to the Eisenhower tunnel. The speed limit is lower but no one seems to go the speed limit anyway! If you choose to go I-70 and go over 193 to Spanish Fork, know that there’s no gas stations from Green River to Wellington and that you’ll need to climb Price Canyon and then over Soldiers Summit. There is a Walmart and Costco in Spanish Fork to relax in before you drive I-15 north. Depending on the time of day, the drive from SF to Ogden can be busy. If you continue on I-70 to I-15, you’ll still need cross the Wasatch front at Coal Hollow. I’m not recommending one way or the other just proving our experiences. We travel I-80 because it’s faster and we now know where all the pull-offs are in case we need to spend the night. Either way be prepared for the intestate to unexpectedly close for weather. I-70 is a little slower but more scenic if you dare take your eyes off the road.