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I drive a gravel truck in the summer here in AK. I use the CB pretty much every day. When I pull into a gravel pit I can communicate with the scale house and loader operators. I can communicate with other trucks and contractors when I deliver a load. It’s an important tool of the trade.

As with anything else there isn’t any standard for their range. Sometimes they only work for a mile or two. Other times they work for 5 or 6 miles. They are line of sight. So it depends on what obstacles are between you and the person you are talking to. I buy CB’s on line that are supposed to be “tuned” with a little more power and I use a Wilson 5000 antenna. That combination works for me.

I don’t use a CB in my camper. A lot of truckers down in America have linear transmitters that can boost a CB signal as much as 100 watts. That pretty much drove me nuts. Some antennas need a “ground plane” so if you don’t have a metal roof they may not work well????

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