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Thanks, Ardvark!

My understanding is the radios are all the same wattage. The type antennas and how they are mounted, grounded and tuned make the diff in reception and transmission. It seems antenna length alone is not as important as other antenna attributes.

It also seems big obstructions, like a TC, greatly reduce signal strength. I’m wondering how much they interfere.

With a standard install and front mounted antenna should I expect only 3-5 miles reception in front of me and less than a mile to the rear? Would twin antennas mounted front and back provide the same distance front and back of the rig?

And if say 3-5 miles is the usual distance, will a handheld CB produce the same results? A hadheld would certainly be ore versatile.

I remember seeing a number of rigs at the previous rallies with antennas and know the FSRs are used by may folks who follow here so thought I’d ask for any first hand info that might be available. If I do get some good info I’ll circle back here to pass it along.

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