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One of the apps. I use is iOverlander to find places just for the night or longer stays. This is a free app. and is user input.

That’s a really terrific resource! And (for now anyway) free. Always a bonus!

One thing I’m finding annoying about “Apps” is that while some of them are very nice, instead of charging you a fee to download them, many are now subscription-based. You no longer “purchase” an app, you rent it, like Adobe software (hot button for me).

So for most of our trip planning, we so the research ahead of time. We also have an old copy of Garmin “Basecamp”, on which we’ve loaded specific camping spots for most areas we’re likely to travel, separated into BLM, USFS, Nat’l Parks, military campgrounds, Elk’s Lodges w/cg, fairgrounds, state parks, etc. plus boondock sites we’ve found along the way or identified from studying satellite photos. This database goes on a laptop that travels with us.

In addition to the laptop, on the road we will have a hard-copy library of Benchmark and DeLorme state map books. So if we can’t get internet access to check out something like iOverlander or other on-line resources, we’ve got paper to look at!

I’m starting to look at the use of downloadable maps from USGS, which show some promise. If it develops, I’ll be posting something on TCA down the road.