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So sorry Jefe for your issues – I hope they all get resolved easily.

I myself was very tempted by the 7.3 gasser on our 2020 F350, but I “chickened out” and got the (been making them for 9 years) 6.2 gas. Luckily it has been totally powerful enough for our rig. Plenty of power.

I thought to bring you up to date on the Ford F-350, 7.3L gasser saga.

Old timers were whispering in my ear not to buy a 1st year design change truck of any brand.

No amount of factory testing can match the pounding trucks get by thousands of users in that first year.

So it seems with our 2020 Ford F-350.

Two issues have emerged during the past year. One is a safety issue; the other a nagging part fail.

The planetary gear cage in the 10R140 transmission has a problem with the sub quality roller bearings. This has only been a problem in a few cases, but Ford is making reparations. The 6.7L diesel has one more spur gear in its planetary than the gasser has, ostensibly to mitigate the 1050 pound feet of torque the diesel puts out, not the measly 475 pound feet of the gasser.

The Dana M-275 rear axle for both the 7.3L gasser and the 6.7L diesel have a design flaw.

The outer axle tubes, which are a new design for this series, contain variable thickness tubing that is too thin and will deform under the stress of the diesel only; and can break the perch welds and spin the pig. Less than a dozen trucks have exhibited this problem. Ford has announced a safety recall for the diesel only, not the gasser version which has no confirmed cases of deformation or weld fail.

Remember only a safety issue would trigger a recall. Poor construction and sub par parts will be decided by the future buying patterns of the end user.

So, what is our experience?

We have had no problems regarding the above and have grown to love our F-350.

One nagging woe is the transfer case. When in low range, it will only use 2nd and 3rd gear, no matter what mode you are in. It may go back to the shop for a fix.

But with all the fires closing in around us in northern California, I want to keep the camper on in case we need to evacuate Casa Jefe.

We kept a couple a few weeks ago for a couple days who were evacuated from their home in Grass Valley CA.