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Thanks for the info Jefe,

I just had my left leaf spring fail on my 2021 F-350 7.3 SRW. 4.30 XLT super cab reg bed. 4218 payload-camper and plow pkg.
A few weeks ago i lowered the camper on the truck for a trip and noticed a half inch difference in height from left to right side.
Dealer will order new set left and right under warranty.
I would like to ask if you do not mind, should i stay with OEM or forget about them and go after market? If so any recommendations? and where? I am in the the Northern Cal./Nv. area.
I have 2021 Milner on the back, dry 1850 wet 2350 .
I was thinking- try the OEM one more time cause these springs should easily handle this set up. Am I wrong in thinking that?

Other then this issue I love the rig so far