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Phil Patterson

Agreed on the shunt based battery monitor, and since you’re considering going lithium make sure the monitor is also lithium compatible such as Victron’s BMV 12 or their Smart Shunt 500amp (either displays status from smartphone). This shunt (measuring sensor) installs into the neg battery cable…

Now might be a good time to ask the factory what make and model of onboard converter-charger, and solar controller, and if possible upgrade the solar controller to a higher amp capacity to allow for more head-room, this for the addition of more panels, and if possible, request a MPPT type controller instead of the standard PWM type…

More info would be helpful, but know that Lithium batteries will charge fine so long as the controller outputs somewhere between say 14.0 and 14.6 volts.

Maybe they’ll ship the camper without a battery so that you can provide your own?