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Phil Patterson

On-board generators are not nearly as efficient, quiet or vibration free as say a Honda 2200i…I would definitely ditch the costly on-board generator and redirect the capital towards better options such as:

Repurpose the generator box for Lithium batteries (4), use the existing OEM battery box for a decent inverter such as Victron’s MultiPlus 3000 inverter-charger, and add at least another 200w of Solar…Concurrent with solar, this should get you at least 4-5hrs run time on your air conditioner without a generator…You could also add a soft-start (in lieu of start cap) for your air conditioner, but since there’s very little dreaded voltage sag with lithium (similar to grid power) not as critical as with a lead acid batteries..

Depending on your skill level (optional), you could also add a sub-panel and relocate the air conditioner, microwave and house receptacles to the sub…When on inverter power this would automatically disable say the OEM converter-charger, and (if applicable…) refer heat-strip (still located at the main panel) from the inverter output, which helps conserve batteries by preventing inadvertent battery discharge…