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Phil Patterson

If you’re new camper has a conventional Progressive Dynamics 3 stage charger (for lead acid batts), it’ll work well with Lithium simply by adding their Charge Wizard dongle which will let you kick it into the 14.4v Boost mode – this is a better option than their dedicated lithium charger because it stays at 14.4v indefinitely, even after the battery is fully charged (not good for lithium)…FWIW, due to the high charge receptivity of lithium, I charge strictly from solar harvest alone and not from the truck, and all you’ll need from your solar controller is 14.x volts (not to exceed the BMS cut-off of 14.6v).

Also, for more battery space you may be able to mount the batteries elsewhere (preferably in the interior) and just re-purpose your battery box for other storage.