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Hugh Redmon

I am hoping I will love the Laredo as much as you do. I am looking forward to using my factory hitch for a bike rack or a carrier for a generator and some gas. My 11 ft 3″ Lance 990 is an absolutely solid and well built camper. I’ve had zero problems with it and have just had to keep up the seals on it. I am going to hang on to it for awhile even after getting the Laredo just to make sure we are happy with it. It is just me and the wife and although the shower and toilet are a bit small in the Laredo, I am looking forward to having a truck camper that stays within the footprint of the truck. My 5′ 10″ 237 lbs self still fits in the bathroom of the Laredo thanks to the skylight but I am equally happy taking a shower using the outside shower. I have an extra 40 gallon water tank I installed in the truck cab after removing the back seats. It has a shower faucet and uses a heat exchanger under the hood for a tank-less water heater system with on-demand hot water. My wife and I can take showers at the same time now. She can use the shower inside the camper and I can use the other shower system in the truck!