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Phil Patterson

Well, I’m not all too familiar with the WFCO unit, but assuming you can disable the charging function of the WFCO, A PD charger would do nicely, especially with the optional ‘Charge Wizard’ dongle which (via led and button) will allow you to monitor the charge cycle and even drive it into the higher 14.4v boost mode…

The main reasons that lead acid type batteries have lower charging efficiencies (meaning longer charging times than say a Lithium aka, LiFePo4) is because of inherent chemical sluggishness, and because of the timely absorption charging phase in which voltage is then lowered to 13.6v to finalize the charging, and this wasted inefficiency manifest itself in the form of heat…

BTW, when selecting a new PD charger, know that they seldom output their advertised rated amperage (usually only about half…) so in my view (assuming more than one battery) it may be for example best to upsize from say a 45a to a 60a unit.

Other things worth considering would be sufficient size (AWG Gauge) of the charging wire, and to add solar to help reduce the depth of discharge (DOD).