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Phil Patterson

From reading the Kenai’s spec’s I’d say most any half ton might well carry it (??), but I’m with you on the 1 ton…Why??

Because, after owning our very first camper (purchased new), we we’re shortly after able to verify that as an activity truck camping was definitely for US but after gaining a bit of hands-on experience, far better to determine the things that we felt were lacking and a few issues that were most important to us (understandable, different per individual). Within 4yrs this led us to our larger long-term camper, but one that would also require a more capable truck – Ugg! (from a 3/4ton SRW to a 1ton dually)…

We’ve had this 2009 camper now for 12yrs (from new) with probably 175k mi on it, and prepping to head to the Smokey Mts…It’s been a fantastic camper!

Over a time, water, generator storage and interior space had become much higher priorities…

I must say however that the Kenai looks very impressive 🙂