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I am very happy with my 2017 F350 and 6.2 gas engine and 3.73 gears hauling my Northern Lite 8.11 SE. Yes, where I live here in Wyoming, there are times when I am going up steep grades in the mountains and hauling my ATV trailer loaded with the ATV, coolers etc. I might wish to have the diesel but at the end of the day, I am not in a race.

My truck is also my daily driver and outside of hauling my camper and pulling my ATV trailer, I rarely have any other trailer connected to it that could possibly justify me having a diesel. My previous truck was a 2016 F250 with the 6.2 gas engine and I ordered it with 4.30 gears. When I upgraded trucks (long story but was due to not having enough payload) the only thing I could find without ordering a truck had 3.73’s. To be honest with you, the difference between the two rear ends is not enough that I wish I had 4.30’s today in my F350.

That is my 2 cents for what it’s worth, which is probably not even 2 cents. LOL

2017 F350 Super Duty 4x4, CCSB, XLT Premium Package, 6.2 gas, 3.73 rear end, GVWR 11,300 lbs, Payload 4226 lbs, Silver Ingot, Camper Package, Split bench front seat, Upfitter switches, LED Box Lighting, Rear Step Tailgate, Air Lift 5000 Ultimate Airbags with Air Lift WirelessAIR on board compressor kit and remote, Torklift Upper Stableloads, Torklift tie downs w/ Fastguns
2017 Northern Lite 8.11 QC SE