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Frank Mehaffey

I think I might have figured out why there is nothing on line for information on how to disable the tire pressure monitor system. One thing I have consistently seen on line, over and over, because it is a federal requirement. Usually if there is a way around something which is an unnecessary electronic feature or an electronic or mechanical modification, someone does a post somewhere, or makes a replacement. Look at all the gas and diesel electronic tuning mods. I kinda think that the nanny state has given an excuse for all the car companies to make a little more off of the purchasers. I also suspect that if there is a way around the pressure idiot light and it was on line, someone would or has been sued. Went to my local Ford dealer, and was given a quote of about $300 for labor and rebalancing all 4 wheels and $86 times 4, for replacement sensors.$600. Makes me wonder if trucks and cars exported or made in other companies have the same governmental “concern”, or if this just a US thing. Air bags, great….passive restraints, great…..stronger crumple zones, wonderful….I get it. But tire pressure monitors are a big ticket item and I am sure contribute to a salesman being able to encourage someone to buy a new truck. I guess that I will continue to press the reset button, and mutter to myself.