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For those interested I’ve attached a series of pics of the final install. I am going to email Rory and send him a link to this post and the pics to see if he has any final advice, but other than trading in the camper I have no other options to get past my dually with this camper (which I really like). At first blush it seems like quite the extention. When one does the math though, this camper wet weights at most 2,800 lbs, that ~700 lbs a leg. Will store on jacks as shown in the later pics. Kevin would love to see your saw horses you use, and do you camp in it on saw horses? When I think of saw horses that is higher than I want to be. Anyhow, here it is, and I did have to buy my own hardware so I got category 8 severe duty bolts with washers and nylon nuts.

Thanks for all the input. Appreciate it and hope this thread helps someone else out in the future.