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Thank you Kevin for replying to this and sharing that insight. I clearly have a problem because I am a SOLID 4″ short of clearing my dualies with the Northstar Laredo I own. And my F-450 is factory right now so the rear wheel stick out maybe an inch or a bit less. For one I think the Loredo is really designed for the 3/4 ton truck so it is a bit narrower than some. So after a few weeks of delay I did finally receive my extension brackets yesterday and am going to mount them this afternoon (right now in fact). Given your input though, and the fact that I already had to repair one of the front legs due to some damage very similar to Mello Mike (and used his article: https://www.truckcamperadventure.com/northstar-camper-happijac-mount-repairs-for-wood-frame-truck-campers/) that front joint is already weakened. So I am thinking that I will use these brackets for just loading and unloading but support the front of the camper when off truck with jacks and board so the front legs will be weight bearing for a short period of time. I’ll include some pictures and would really appreciate feedback.

Also do you have a way I can contact Rory for his professional advice? Thanks so much!